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Arrick Anderson
clean it up shampoo  •  lock it in conditioner  •  glam it up gel  •  hike it up spray  •  goop it out wax

press release:


ArrickHair products are now available! We are excited about these new and innovative products, so watch for a cutting edge advertising campaign.

ARRICK is a celebrity hairstylist in Los Angeles. He has styled some of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Patricia Heaton, Paula Abdul, Eva Longoria, Eileen Davidson and Mary Hart.


Along with working regularly on such TV shows as Entertainment Tonight and The Office, Arrick is a style consultant for several publications and news media.

He keeps busy with a Salon in Hollywood and is constantly working various photo shoots and red carpet events.






ArrickHair products are now available for purchase!

There are 3 ways to order - by Phone, by Fax, and Online.

1) by PHONE - You can order them over the phone by credit card, by calling "Romi Cortier Design" in Hollywood, at 323-860-0989 or 323-462-1089. They will ship your order anywhere in the United States.

2) by FAX - You can also pay by check or money order by filling out, printing, then faxing the: order form

2) ONLINE - You can purchase the products right now, online, just scroll down and click the 'add to cart' buttons.


product descriptions:

"I WANTED to formulate a simple hair care system for my clients - both men and women. I am immensely proud of my new products. I learned so much in the process, and the result is really fantastic."

goop it out wax:

The newest addition to our product line!  For more information, contact Arrick.

*As seen in LIfe&Style magazine!

clean it up shampoo:

A VERY gentle conditioning shampoo formulated for the special needs of normal to chemically-treated hair. Nourishing concentrations of wheat proteins, panthenol, jojoba, and vitamins A and E create a super-infusion of moisture and protein that helps to strengthen hair damaged by overprocessing. A calming blend of botanical extracts naturally soothes the scalp. Your hair will be more manageable, fuller, and shinier with every use. It also eliminates chemical treatment odors.

lock it in conditioner:

THIS light daily conditioner helps restore moisture and add tensile strength to hair in just sixty seconds. It smooths and seals the hair's sensitive cuticle layer, locking in nutrients and proteins vital for healthy hair. Special conditioning extracts will tame even the most unmanageable hair. Rinses away easily and does not build up over time. Dramatically improves hair texture and suppleness for a velvety feel. Your hair will be more manageable, fuller, and shinier with every use.

glam it up gel:

TWO powerful setting and bodifying agents work together for slicking, spiking, scrunching, and wet looks. Water-binding humectants and protein conditioners ensure proper moisture for maximum resilience. A special chelating agent is used to remove trace metals and improve performance in hard water. It includes a shine agent to promote outstanding sheen. It has excellent curl retention and memory. Use a little for light hold, more for super hold.

hike it up spray:

SPRAY and play! A fine mist encircles, bolsters, and lifts hair into "shape." Used with a blow dryer, incredible effects in style and volume can be achieved and maintained for hours. It's never sticky or stiff - and it combs or brushes through easily, and can be re-applied for re-styling or touch-ups. It's formulated with conditioners (for added sheen and pliability) and sunscreen agents (which help protect hair from damaging effects of ultraviolet rays). Great for updo's and "big hair." "Hike it up, baby!"


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